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Yoga to lose weight at the Withers tighten the upper body ( Figure)

by:Bosket     2020-08-26
Core tip:

how to make the upper part of the body fully burning fat, decrease proud flesh? The answer is at the Withers yoga to lose weight. Through the usual do yoga to lose weight at the Withers fully tighten the upper body muscles, activity at the Withers, stimulate the deep muscles around, the brown fat burning up.

Step1 breathless stand

close to the wall stand straight body, shoulder blades down and open, shoulders relaxed, hold out a bosom to receive an abdomen, hips tightening, drawing up the legs, feet together, make the back of the head, shoulder blades, hips, calf, heel of 5 points line and post them on the wall, the waist tightening, and the space between the walls a fist. Hold your breath for 30 seconds, stand up twice a day.

Step2 scapula movement

1, the whole body after stand up straight, elbows bent, his arms raised, after put in the lower arm head, palm bending naturally depend on the cervical spine. Then from circle to circle when way to turn the shoulder joint, your shoulder blades move adequately.

2, hold out a bosom to receive an abdomen, bend your arms and elbows pointing to the rear, and arms on both sides of the waist, his hand clenched, his forearm balance with the ground as far as possible to slide back and arm for 30 seconds.

Step3 stroke movement

1, knees bent, the calf and thigh into a 90 degrees, separate legs to stand and shoulder are the same as wide, upper body slightly back upright, arms bent at the waist, elbows backwards, palm open up, the shoulder blade full activity.

2, back waist, back, forward back arched, and into his arms at the same time, the arm arm, hand turned to left and right sides of the shoulder blades swing forward, before and after stroke 5 times.

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