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'Yoga siren' kh: how to keep 100 jins kh siren yoga

by:Bosket     2020-08-29

guide language: kh, born in 1968, the region from the age of 17, more than 20 years of age did not leave a mark in her face, instead to precipitate out of the other mature beauty, to the art of her what is the beauty of the secret, and see it together.

beautiful siren kh

'I went to Hong Kong I was 17 when women play, until the year of 921 earthquake, spread the message of I can't walk, actually, my situation is more severe than the news, my foot is broken! Cruciate ligament is broken!

it all goes back to the flap often play when I was younger, my appearance looks very strong, but the body is empty, and each act, will hit two knees passive congestion, it is a bad situation, can't you shut down you treatment, such as wrong, so every time the pain to go to the hospital immediately take a 250 cc congestion, finished, and then back to the set to continue, every day to play, play, play, play and play, play, play again.

I moved back to Taiwan from Hong Kong to live, originally thought of Hong Kong and Taiwan have a house to rent, occasionally patted theatre, can hang on for a while, unexpectedly, unexpectedly met earthquake, the house I rent to others, is located in the east star buildings destroyed, only ruins, more terrible is that one day wake up in the morning, I suddenly couldn't climb up, lower body didn't move.

to the hospital a check, to know how much the situation is serious, even the doctors good surprised to ask me, how to so badly to go to a doctor? I said, I was in Hong Kong the x-rayed, is old, the doctor shook his head, said about your knee anterior cruciate ligament ( Each has four) before and after The broken one, hasn't been treated, a definitive position is not correct, over time lead to vertebral dish outstanding, to nerve compression, and will only be too painful to walk.

at that time, I suddenly realize why saying, every time I have to use the 'knee' bound feet to take sport, it turns out that I'm up to the age of 30, that is 'smile' of the struggle.

there are a long time, go to the toilet I have to spend more than half an hour, need to slowly walk sideways, feeling back while walking, as if to tens of millions of needle in the firm, the pain I've been crying, the doctor asked me to consider surgery, but I really don't want to, I think, maybe is there any way to 'natural' ok?

so I work very hard for three months of rehabilitation, exercise my knee muscles, although you can get out of bed to walk, but, the doctor still remind me, if you want to do it again dozen play action, or from 2 f high jump down, then to operate.

so, I determined to reduce the workload and shoot a scene, at most, only a year, all the time to practice yoga, study he, and sports medicine.

yoga is her beauty secrets

so, practice, practice, quickly earning the ALSAWA healing yoga certificate, build a result, begin to class teaching, the teaching, nine years, my yoga DVD a set of more than two thousand yuan, three thousand yuan to sell more than thirty thousand sets, shopping platform record!

so, if you want to ask how can I be a bride 'beauty', I think, I'm a living proof, if you want to live more young, more live more beautiful, the most important maintenance is' movement, yoga is my healthy beauty of the weight.

the old me, the body is tilted, is done with his right hand knife, sword, so my right hand is particularly strong, and serious of shoulder problems, at that time, my appearance is very strong, very fierce, the light weight is 56 kg, now of I, posture is lightsome, only 50, 51 kg weight.

in fact, I like all girls maintenance concept, less oil, less salt, less sugar, eat more foods high in fiber, but I never deliberately not eat starch, I think what to eat is second, the most important thing is that movement, and a 'to' exercise.

before exercise, practising dao is running, the sword, finished playing play very tired, big eat sleep, no wonder the limbs stout, and turnip leg, now of I, will be one hour to do yoga every day, there are a lot of pull in yoga, stretching and handstand of action, can massage the internal organs, pranayama to raise oxygen, adjust the bones and muscles.

want legs and best stretch as much as I do before going to sleep, and massage stick with roller and disappear fat cream massage leg muscle, want water tender, whiten skin is also very simple, every day in the morning, drink a cup of warm boiled water first, and then and yogurt, lemon, kiwi, pineapple combined with fresh fruits and vegetables into fruit juice, drink it up, will go to the toilet, the skin is better, detoxification must do first.

three meals a day should pay attention to the place is not much, because my breakfast is eat salad, want to eat satisfied, will mix some noodles or add a sweet potato, noon, evening eat normally, but dinner or 'moderation', don't overeating.

anecdotally, before I physiological period, will play three times and I think, my mother gave birth to four children didn't like this, is it I got uterine diseases such as ectopic or chocolate cyst? Practiced for nine years of yoga, playing from the beginning pain injection, to eat painkillers, what all need not eat until now, it's good to practice yoga, now of I, still is not easy to catch a cold!

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