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Yoga five steps to help you relieve fatigue

by:Bosket     2020-08-30

core clew: yoga can help you peace of mind, breathe easier, feel the pulse of nature, but also a good workout at the same time, only to see if you can be a reasonable application. Yoga five steps, let you happy life.

Step1: back to extend, sat is to breathe in. < / P> < P> Step2: breathes out, driven by hip body, the forward 45 degrees, extend the spine and lower extremity, feeling back thigh, after the extension of tendon muscle group. < / P> < P> Step3: hips back become warped, hip adduction. Imagine head spin, not shrug, left hand to catch the right foot, and then the body is back. < / P> < P> Step4: left hand hold your right foot tiptoe, push the tiptoe into the inside of the light body, let your knees bent at 90 degrees, about 5 to 10 seconds. < / P> < P> Step5: so, the whole foot up, heels, from the back thigh to hip, lower back the whole stretch. Continue to move in the foot. Need special attention is, do the action, hold up the hands of the elbow to remain in the state of the movable, not 'stuck' joint! And at the same time will be stretched the distance between the ears and shoulders. < / P>

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