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Yoga diet should grasp the four points, _ fitness

by:Bosket     2020-09-03
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popular yoga asana practice, are required to exercise on an empty stomach, general requirements to practice and practice two hours after the can't eat two hours before, some requirements can not eat three hours before practice. Then when yoga diet actually how to control and grasp?

can't eat two hours before practice, practice yoga an hour, in such a request, the practitioner can only before the third hour, and yoga practice 3 hours after meals. According to the people of the meals to eat, and modern people's work and rest habits, it is hard to find the right time to go to yoga and gym yoga classes. < / P> < P> 3 hours before breakfast most people still in his sleep, breakfast at seven o 'clock, is four o 'clock in the morning, breakfast is at five o 'clock in the morning at eight o 'clock, when the get up do yoga, is impossible for most people, the third hour after breakfast, must be in work. Chinese food before and after the third hour, of course, is to work time. The third hour before dinner, usually also on jobs, the third hour after dinner, yoga and gym are closed. < / P> < P> in this case, want to achieve in practice yoga dietary requirements, also can have the time in yoga and gym practice, only people who don't have to work can be done. Need work breadwinner had to disturb normal diet time and habits to cooperate, many yoga practitioner so hungry. The chaos, is not normal, irregular diet, regular hunger, is bound to damage the function of the digestive system of human body. < / P> < P> the front said there are two hours before and after practicing yoga can't diet request, this is the general requirements. In order to make the effect reducing weight is better, a requirement that three hours before and after practicing yoga never diet, coupled with an hour of yoga, this is a total of seven hours before and after don't drink, but also the strict control of food intake and vegetarian, known as yoga diet. Hungry also capable yoga this manual labor, coupled with the control of food intake and vegetarian, the body will be down soon, as long as adhere to live, so attack inside and out, thin up is easy. Just have a lot of damage to health. < / P> < P> then when yoga diet actually how to control and grasp? < / P> < P> 1, the filling can't practice yoga, too hungry when also can not exercise, not hunger is not satisfied just right. < / P> < P> 2, as for how long will it take to get before practicing yoga into food, also don't have to be two hours, three hours stiffly down a line. Is also a meal, eat the big fish big meat and to eat a few pieces of leaves, eighty grains of rice, a sip of the soup of the so-called slimming diet, not comparable. The former to digest for a long time, the latter was soon gone. < / P> < P> 3, as long as it can in practice yoga to keep hunger is not satisfied, drinking a moderate amount of half an hour before practice eating a little bread, chocolate or drink a little water, drink, milk, there is no problem. ( Hypoglycemia is not in the condition of hunger yoga) < / P> < P> 4, after the practice, as long as the human body returned to normal, can the normal diet, half an hour is enough. < / P> < P> yoga diet like yoga posture, also want to listen to your body, don't importune consistent, respect everyone's eating habits, you would feel comfortable! < / P>

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