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( Women care] Women are more likely to insomnia make summer sleeping beauty essence of yoga

by:Bosket     2020-08-29
Core tip:

the summer how to bedtime and maintenance, to allow yourself to sleep like a baby sweet?

1。 Bedtime essential oils to maintain

essential oil can soothe, help sleep, using essential oils can use the method of bubble bath, incense, if conditions don't allow, there is a more simple method can use everyday: the essential oil in cosmetic cotton, then put on the pillow. In all beneficial to sleep in the essential oil, lavender have ranked the first, it was called 'fast asleep factor', can calm nerves, regulate the nervous system. But note that the dosage of the lavender also cannot too much, much more exciting. In addition, pregnant women are not suitable for use.

if you have problems with insomnia, can three drops of lavender essential oil on cotton plus two drops of sandalwood essential oil. The effect of sandalwood essential oil can make people calm.

if you are easy to feel be agitated, hot, before sleeping can be three drops of lavender essential oil on cotton plus two drops of geranium essential oil. Geranium have purification, sedative effect, the extract is often used in cosmetics, is of great help to the rough pore oily skin, because it has the effect of purification.

if you lose, pressure and other negative emotions cause sleep quality is bad, can use three drops of lavender essential oil, add two drops neroli essential oil. Orange flowers and citrus essential oils will bring pure and fresh, upward positive feelings to the person, is the essential oil can bring us positive energy.

2。 Bedtime yoga maintenance

yoga can make people mood calm, its effect is not the most important exercise, but meditation and purify the mind, so before going to bed as long as ten minutes to do yoga, two simple action, can let you sleep quality improved greatly.

the first movement is an exercise for cervical vertebra. Now a lot of young office workers have or light or heavy problem of cervical vertebra, and cervical vertebra is bad a great influence on the sleep quality. Two feet and shoulder, breathing, breathing with abdominal breathing method ( Or breathe in drum belly as far as possible, as you exhale try to suck the belly, in contrast to the normal breathing) 。 Yoga instructor, points out that women often wear high heels, usually abdominal breathing is no good, may be because the abdominal muscle exercise is not enough, so breathing is not deep enough, especially to practice.

action, as you exhale bend backward as far as possible, breathe in, breathe slowly as far as possible. Then exhale when head tilt to the left, as far as possible on the ear to the shoulder, breathe in recovery, Finally, head tilt to the right as you exhale, also looking for a shoulder with ears, breathe in. Repeated five times, will feel head very relaxed, is no longer heavy.

the second movement is in view of long standing, sitting or walking more. Overworked one day, his legs a lot of pressure, show ninety degrees, and sat on the bed, legs straight upward, hands behind your back, feet toe thrust forward as far as possible, stick to the one breath back after the cycle, the next breathing cycle, switch to the heel thrust forward as far as possible, and then back. Repeat for five minutes, stretch, the tendon of the before and after exercise. Done to relax the muscles, rub crus, again my legs good, two foot offset, knee bobbing up and down hard, relax the thigh muscles. Done, you can enjoy the sweet sleep all night.

new research shows that women are more likely to suffer from insomnia

according to the American medical journal reported on May 2, the Harvard University school of medicine, associate professor of medicine Jeanne duffy found that women are more easily affected by insomnia, the reasons include the effect of hormone and male and female differences in sleep patterns.

the secretion of estrogen levels can affect sleep. Premenopausal women, estrogen and progesterone secretion produced by the body will be less and less; Menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats can also cause trouble falling asleep; During pregnancy, body, emotions, and hormone secretion of discomfort will also make the female easy to insomnia.

the American academy of sleep medicine published a report said that men's clock will last 24 hours and 11 minutes, 6 minutes longer than women, this has forced men to sleep for a long time, women are more used to wake up early, is a relatively short period of time in the degree of sleeping, over time, women are prone to insomnia. In order to avoid waking early, the researchers suggest that women increasing light at night, and reduce the contact with the light in the morning, let the body's biological clock and time synchronization.

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