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We added a good yoga, this is science in charge

by:Bosket     2020-09-03

on May 18, published in the British journal of sports medicine ( 英国运动医学杂志》) On a systematic review of existing research analysis found that the weekly yoga movement may be able to alleviate depressive symptoms in patients with mental illness.

'the analysis allows us to better encourage people to do yoga, because now have scientific evidence that yoga can alleviate depression. 'The university of south Australia ( 南澳大利亚大学) PhD student, exercise physiologist Gu Xin tower · cloth'd ( Jacinta Brinsley) Pointed out.

'for patients with depression, exercise can improve mood and health,' cloth'd said, 'but the current stadium and all kinds of offline gym and courses are not opened, yoga is a good alternative. '

yoga course, the more the more can alleviate depression

the analysis 19 randomized controlled clinical trials are reviewed, and the test results are from the United States, India, Japan, China, Germany and Sweden, these tests are considered high quality research results.

object package live alcohol addiction, depression and bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress syndrome ( 创伤后应激障碍) Such as mental illness diagnosed patients.

the subjects once every one to two weeks for 20 minutes to 90 minutes of yoga course, physical exercise at least half of the time, the average course lasts 2. Five months.

'most of the western society to open a yoga class is given priority to with postures or movements, can meet the standard. 'Cloth'd said:' the most common include flow yoga ( Vinyasa) , iyengar yoga ( Iyengar) Soup ng yoga (o, (活力) And ashtanga yoga ( 权力) 。 '

the research results show that with no psychological treatment or self-help treatment compared with patients, participate in the depression conditions of the yoga classes have a moderate degree of ease. The patients with moderate to relieve depression, schizophrenia patients improved greatly. And little impact on patients with alcohol dependence, yoga has no effect on patients with post traumatic stress syndrome.

depression is often associated with other mental health conditions. , previous research has found that 20% to 40% of the patients with schizophrenia and 72% of the life will appear depressive symptoms in patients with anxiety.

the international association of yoga therapist ( 国际瑜伽协会治疗师) Its magazine 'contemporary yoga therapy' ( 今天的瑜伽疗法) Laurie, editor-in-chief of highland Robertson ( Laurie Hyland Robertson) Pointed out: 'this study shows that, although I don't know everyone required doses, but participate in weekly yoga exercise, the more the greater the degree of depression symptoms. '

why choose yoga

yoga is a form of movement is often recommended for people with depression and other psychological condition. Scientists believe that sports can promote blood flow to the brain, especially the area such as the amygdala and the hippocampus - — Both are able to control the emotions, to cope with stress.

'movement through a variety of mechanisms to improve mental health, one of which is endorphins. 'Cloth'd pointed out.

another possibility is that yoga can regulate the body's central stress reaction system, namely the hypothalamus - Pituitary - Adrenal axis. Yoga can improve sleep, improve social networking.

yoga is also a kind of spiritual practice, unity of body and mind. Including through the postures, breathing and meditation yoga practice.

Robertson said: 'let us make body and mind yoga philosophy as a whole, exercise a place, has an effect on the body of the whole system. So when you are with mindfulness exercises the legs, not only strengthened the quadriceps, also can improve the mental state. '

other research results

as early as in the early twentieth century, people started to study the physiological and psychological benefits of yoga, and found that yoga can reduce stress, regulate mood, improve mood and let people have the feeling of happiness. This clearly is the key to improve mental illness, the therapist will therefore yoga into the treatment plan.

the early study of yoga more focused on India, are now all over the world. A retrospective study in 2018 found that yoga can alleviate the severe anxiety, but only short-term relief. In a 2013 study found that earlier when interventions including at least ten times yoga practice, the largest benefits of anxiety. A study in 2019 found in the existing therapies to join yoga can help treat anxiety disorder, panic disorder in particular.

however, the national institutes of health ( NIH) Think, a lot of research on yoga 'participation is too little, the quality is not high. So can only say that yoga may be helpful to improve heart health, but cannot prove it. '

cloth'd argues that at present the new analysis, unlike previous studies, the research scope is widespread, for the potential benefits of yoga alleviate symptoms of depression provides a more comprehensive evaluation.

'such research for yoga industry professionals excited,' Robertson said: 'many patients with depression or other traditional drug treatment cannot be recovered, or for a variety of reasons they are reluctant to accept treatment, yoga can satisfy for replacement therapy for the patient of urgent need. '

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