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Watching TV weight loss tips: the ball when the bench burn more calories

by:Bosket     2020-09-04
Core tip:

in addition to the wrong eating habits, more and more studies suggest that the relationship between obesity and watching TV is also very close. Shaping magazine published recently, the United States on the New York nutrition and fitness experts concluded 'weight loss tips for' watch TV, might as well try.

1。 If your sitting room space allows, can jump rope, jump two minutes rest 1 minutes, repeat 4 times, can use up 111 kilocalorie quantity of heat. His legs jump also can achieve the same effect.

2。 High leg lifts jump, jump when one leg to the high lift up and down, each leg do 10 times, can be consumed 42 kilocalories.

3。 Standing in front of the sofa, slowly squat, hip fast approaching cushions, keep the position for 1 minute, repeat 4 times, can use up 80 kilocalorie quantity of heat.

4。 Lift a leg side on the floor, 5 minutes, can be consumed in 50 calories.

5。 His arms round 1 minute to repeat two or more times, 20 kcal heat consumption.

6。 In situ trot, 1 minutes to consumption in 30 calories.

7。 Dumbbell weights, such as high above your head, elbow is flush with the ear, movement repeat 3 group can consume 17 kilocalories.

8。 Sitting on a fitness ball, experienced abdominal muscle 1 minutes, repeat 4 times, 50 calories.

9。 Put the ball when the bench, sit on it for 1 hour, 38 kilocalorie heat consumption.

10。 1 before from TV. 5 meters to stand, lunges leg press 5 minutes, 37 kilocalorie heat.

11。 Do sit-ups for 1 minute, repeat twice, 35 kilocalorie heat.

12。 On the sofa, legs lifted up 1 minute and quick kick, like rode a bicycle, can be consumed in 30 calories.

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