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Use opportunely yoga ball legs Fit immediately

by:Bosket     2020-09-02
Core tip:

to introduce come close to fitness yoga movement, through the ball swing and the characteristics of elastic and unique yoga stretching muscle, ligament, help you make the legs touching and beautiful patterns.

fitness yoga movement Step 1: stick a wall chair type

action: ball close to the wall body, back to stick on the edge of the ball. Ball is used as the pulley, exhale slowly after buckling knees, until the fall to thighs parallel to the ground into shape. After finish, keep the posture for 15 seconds. Inhale, slowly increase the thigh, restore beginning action. Repeat 3 to 5 times.

function: through the action of the squat, thigh quadriceps exercise, to improve the stability of the leg endurance and lower limbs.

note: cannot leave, spine straight.

fitness yoga movement Step 2: the ball on the locust type

action: kneel behind the ball, with thigh and abdomen is close to the ball, both hands on the ball. Exhale, both hands hold to, and the body lay down on the ball, balance with the ground. Inhale, lift the left leg, bend the right knee to the right foot to hold the right thigh. Keep the posture for 15 seconds. Reduction of starting point, after the completion of action, repetitive movements in feet. Repeated around 2 to 3 times.

efficacy: exercise behind the hip and thigh muscles, improve bottom line, can help prevent deformation of coxal prolapse.

note: focus on the hips and thighs back, and keep straight leg.

fitness yoga movement Step 3: hit the ball above the knee type

action: sitting on the edge on the top of the ball, legs together. Inspiratory, raised his hands, the waist back straight. Exhale, bend forward, abdomen is close to the thigh, forehead near the calf, grabbed his ankle, on the ground. Keep the posture for 15 seconds. After inhaling reduction starting point, after the completion of action. Repeat 3 to 5 times.

efficacy: rear extend back and ham muscle group, promote the blood circulation, make the legs become flexible and soft.

tip: keep the legs straight, relax the muscles of the back, don't breath, with abdominal breathing exercises.

fitness yoga movement Step 4: ball triangle

action: legs apart, sitting on the top of the ball. Inspiratory, big hips, and shoulders level. Exhale, bend of the body to the right, the right hand on the calf or instep. After the completion of the action, keep the posture for 15 seconds. Inspiratory, reduction action starting point, in the foot repeats again. Repeated around 2 to 3 times. Recruitment


upright, the right leg forward big step, the left foot outward 45 ゜, make the right knee and right foot toe in a horizontal line, as far as possible to press the body, make the right thigh and parallel to the ground. Bend body, the right hand on the back of the right foot, on the ground. When you try to stretch his left arm, still want to keep the right thigh and parallel to the ground.

for parts: the whole back, legs, hips, stomach and waist muscles.

special shape: stretch the arm as far as possible, don't hump, so as to expand the chest. This action also is very effective for tightening gluteus.

2 called

face down on the mat, with elbow support the body, the width of the arms open and shoulder are the same as wide, finger pointing to the front. Tighten the muscles of the body, carry buttock. Keep the body a horizontal line, toes to prop up the ground, then you will feel the pressure. Efforts to tighten the muscles of the abdomen and legs, insist for a while, and then a moment of rest on the ground. Repeat this action several times.

for parts: the arms, legs, hips, stomach and waist muscles. Chest, back and thigh.

special shape: closed abdominal and thigh muscle, only not let arm muscles form ugly fat pile.

3 recruit

lie low is on the ground, on the face, flat feet, feet open width and hip width, bend your knees, until the calf tibia and vertical ground. Tighten coxal muscle, lift the hips a few inches off the ground, let the body and the ground into the arch. Arms clung to the ground, tighten the muscles of the hips and legs, hips up, his hands tightly buckled under the body together. Will this pose for a while, and then relax, lying on the ground to have a rest, continue to repeat.

for parts: gluteus, the lower part of the leg, waist, back.

special shape: once your body into the arch type, put his hands on the bottom of the body as far as possible, in order to lift your body and hip, it also can make your hip muscle tighter.

4 called

note: if you are a beginner, never use support body, shoulder or cervical vertebra have a problem, it is best to not try this action at the start.

start action and section 3. Then put your hands on the waist, do a support. The chest bended leg at a time. If you also do not support the body with the shoulder, knee bends can be up, so that we can reduce the burden on the shoulders.

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