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Three simple yoga moves fast thin body ( Figure)

by:Bosket     2020-09-06
Core tip:

the following three yoga postures can thin waist and abdomen can thin leg again, insisted on the three action at the same time, cooperate to do some aerobic exercise, can quickly thin body, take action quickly.


hold out a bosom stand up straight, breathe slowly and step over and over again. Request thighs parallel to the floor, from the heel as far as possible activities. At first, to do 50 times a day, after 3 months increased to 200 ~ 300 times better.

the leg stretch

1, support the ground with the elbow and knee department, one leg stretch every 1 seconds back again.

2, put back up the leg, every 1 seconds to chest again. Do 10 times in the other leg after repeat the action.

flat step

face upward step: face up lying on the floor, spine support you body, bend your knees again and again. One foot to do 10 times, after 3 months should be increased to one foot do 30 times.

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