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The release of free ball back muscle

by:Bosket     2020-09-05
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exercise in life there are all kinds of effect, as long as you are willing to spend time, willing to pay the power, to want what kind of shape entirely possible. As a result, small make up advocate, want to have good physical fitness, in.

( 1) Bend, bend, stretch, twist < / P> < P> most people due to sitting for long, oppression to the small of the back of the disc, not only affect the normal function, at the same time can also cause pain. Therefore, the office worker should arose breaks (every 4 hours Conditional best multiplied several times) Do the bend, bend the body, stretch and twist waist movement. Action should be not too fast, soft, smooth, 1 ~ 2 minutes. < / P> < P> ( 2) With the aid of ball < / P> < P> practice, strengthen the back muscles to support and protect the spine. You can lie on your back on the ball. Held his arms above his head, back slowly back and forth on the ball rolling. Although the movement is simple, but feel very comfortable. You can also put the abdomen in the top of the ball, with both feet to maintain body balance, hands clasped in brain after, slowly lift the upper body to relax, repeat 10 to 12 times can achieve the purpose of the exercise of the back. < / P> < P> ( 3) Sit back to straight < / P> < P> a lot of people back pain is associated with poor posture. Posture is not correct, it is easy to cause muscle tension and pain, and thickening of connective tissue around the spine. If you want to improve posture, you should always remind themselves that seated posture will deliberately straight back. When you feel no burden, back head gently fall on the shoulders, this proves that your posture is correct. < / P>

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