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Teach you 2 type most _ fitness yoga action

by:Bosket     2020-09-05
Core tip:

many yoga movement, there are two actions is very suitable to the fitness exercise, is the latch and snake stretching, easy to learn, the effect is very good also.

snake stretch type

1. Prone on the mat, palms up, arms on the body side the entire body completely relax < / P> < P> 2. Lumbar dorsal muscle force the upper raised, jaw, shoulders, chest slowly leave the mat. Cushion of both hands to hold, eyes fixed on the ceiling, make whole spine into beautiful against the bow < / P> < P> 3. 10 - hold the position For 20 seconds, as far as possible in nasal cavity and abdominal breathing. Each inhalation can feel jaw, neck, throat, chest, abdomen, and even with legs are < / P> < / P> < P> latch type < P> 1. Starting from the kneeling position, right leg out to the right, let his right foot and his left knee in the same line. Right foot to the right, don't bend the right knee. Stretch your arms fully to the side, parallel to the ground < / P> < P> 2. Exhale, the trunk and arm bends to the right leg, right hand along the right knee towards the direction of the right toe. Left arm fully stretch upwards, eyes looking at the direction of the left hand fingers, maintain uniform abdominal breathing < / P> < P> the bolt type can help remove the fat on the waist line, nourished and strengthen the abdominal muscles and organs. Hold the position for 45 seconds, the body and arms back in situ, exchanging the positions of the legs. The time of left and right sides maintain posture is equal. < / P>

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