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Small ball practice sexy beautiful buttock

by:Bosket     2020-08-25
Core tip:

a man to judge whether a woman is sexy, a lot of times you just need to see figure can direct judgment. This can't blame a man for shallow, because men judge women whether hot sexy, is a visual animals, so want to be sexy woman is figure out first.

the man sexy many times refers to the line of muscle, coupled with melancholy appearance, that's sexy women in the eyes of man. And men in the eyes of sexy women, and many times is judged by eyes, basically are in shape to judge a woman's sexy degree. Although such judgments appear man is more shallow, but for a sexy woman, the man still is really rather such superficial. < / P> < P> women represent a lot of time out sexy is random, there is no fixed parts of the body. Such as statistics, lips, chin, eyes, in areas such as the clavicle can show a woman is sexy. How can the woman by external means to improve their sex appeal? Small make up today to talk to you is through yoga ball do setting-up exercise to achieve the effect of beautiful buttock, let you become the PP that is up, and let the man see the spirit of excitement. < / P> < P> yoga ball boo 5 action: < / P> < P> action 1: < / P> < P> lie on your back, hands on your sides, your heels on the ball. Hips and back to fully raised, but the shoulder to be close to the ground. Keep the longer your coxal muscle will become tight, look more round quite become warped. Action a < / P> < P> action 2: < / P> < P> bend your knees, foot on the ball to the hip movement, after reach the limits of your ability to keep two seconds, and then to stretch the body. Repeat the above actions. Remember, the more you do that you near the beautiful buttock form the more. Action < / P> < P> 2 action 3: < / P> < P> lie on your back, legs straight, with his ankle clamping yoga ball. Then lift your legs until the vertical to the ground. Restore slowly, repeat this action, the more the better. Action action three < / P> < P> 4: < / P> < P> lower right leg to 45 ° with the ground slowly, make the yoga ball stationary on feet, your keep 3 seconds, restore. To reduce repeat his left foot in order to strengthen the body effect. Action four < / P> < P> action 5: < / P> < P> lie on your back, legs straight, put the ball on his heel. Lift the right leg, feet, try their best to close to the face, reach the limit after 20 seconds. In the process, don't bend both knees. Repeat this action in his left leg. Action five < / P> < P> small make up tips: < / P> < P> no matter you are to do any exercise, want to achieve the purpose of the exercise is not a two times can achieve, all need to insist to take exercise can only be for a long time. Same, want to sexy hip, want to use your hips to attract a man's attention, then insist for a long time to exercise the yoga ball movement! < / P> < P>
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