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Simple family yoga not laborious reduce stomach week 6 type work

by:Bosket     2020-08-28

guide language: the family easy to learn yoga, do a set, every night before going to bed can heal easily alvine proud flesh. Also at etc. What, learn together!

a, yoga,

1, exhale, keeping his hands and knees, the upper body turn to the right as far as possible, chin as far as possible to reach your right shoulder, behind the eyes, keep 6 seconds. Also moves to the left, keep 6 seconds. 2, exhale, relax the neck, blue or chest and abdominal muscle contraction, arched back and keep for 6 seconds. 3, forearm support to the ground, ease the waist of the tension discomfort. Time is given priority to with personal feeling. 4, inspiratory, right leg, his hands. For 6 seconds. 5, the transition to tip stick knee. Keep 6 seconds. 6, inspiratory, up the legs, hands cling, exhale, pressure to the chest. Keep 6 seconds. Lie flat, rest!

2, the exercise

this yoga for a few minutes to finish a set, after finish feel slightly has obvious fever feeling, just began to touch the feeling is very tired, will adapt to slowly, you can then gradually give yourself. Small make up every night before going to bed now do in three groups, the feeling of the lower abdomen cellulite has improved significantly, the mother under the drive of I do together, heard that is very effective against constipation!

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