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Simple diet action become slim temperament beauty office office yoga double chin

by:Bosket     2020-09-06

guide language: many white-collar workers are sub-health, body type, in order to help you solve these problems, the editors recommend 5 office action to lose weight, alleviate neck lumbar pain, beautify the body curve, promote white-collar temperament, to teach you to do a slim and elegant woman.

a, seat back

hands folded head back

sitting, his hands folded on his chest, inspiratory, head back. Keep the action 1, back hard drives the upper back, as far as possible out.

Tips: when folded hands put pressure on the palm, hard also can breast enhancement. Pay attention to the elbow don't rise, forearm to show a straight line.

if you have cervical spondylosis, don't back, to tighten the muscles of the neck to protect themselves, so that our cervical vertebra can be more strong. Let this position to reduce our neck horizontal stripes.

2, eliminate double chin

earphones, arms crossed the top chin natural breath, head back, arms crossed, showing his knuckles sliding massage neck from bottom to top.

Tips: this action can be simplified as a single hand massage, convenient, when bathing or mask nursing practice as the fingers together, back on the neck with his fingers sliding into a pointed chin. Note is from bottom to top, don't slide back and forth.

3, back button

button reverse bending in their hands behind their backs

sitting, upper body straight, hands placed nature; Inspiratory, reverse bend around the arm, his hands from behind; Hand and action remains the same, back and neck as far as possible back, exhale.

Tips: if cannot fit directly with your hands, and can use tools such as yoga belt.

sit at a desk for too long, we use this pose recuperated, open your shoulder and chest, everyone will feel out of your glow.

4, back crossing their

palm folded

1, sitting down, natural breath, upper body straight, arms reaching behind, exert downward folded;

hands turn to fingertips and

2, palms turn up to the fingertips.

Tips: keep the shoulder Zhang Xiaoguo after will be better.

you might have been dedicated in front of the computer work for a long time, so for a long time, a carpenter posture so developed, believe that you don't want to be like this, so make sure to do this position well, make you a figure tall and straight, confident white-collar's got talent.

5, before the bow back

hold back before the bow back

1, stand upright, feet apart and shoulder are the same as wide, both hands straight hold back; Forcibly inspiratory, head leaned back, hold out a bosom; Contains

chest back straight head down 2, chest back straight, head down, exhale.

Tips: poor posture can affect the growth of the chest, this action is not only can let neck improved can also make more tall and straight back, chest more beautiful.

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