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Say goodbye to the airport breast enhancement operation let bosom rapidly 'take off'

by:Bosket     2020-08-26

guide language: what is breast enhancement the most effective way? Breast enhancement medicine? Breast implants? 不! Do not take medicine not invasive breast enhancement method is really a good way! Editor to share with you breast enhancement aerobics, 3 actions build tall chest, say goodbye to the airport, let your chest 'take-off' quickly!

teach you three movements build tall chest exercise

it is not possible to increase women's chest cup size, however, if to do proper exercise, exercise good support in the chest muscles, can make breasts look more forceful. Strong chest muscle can also help a lot of things in life, such as shopping with 'trophies'. Fitness experts established three simple exercise, helps women build strong chest.


fitness ball chest chest pushed step1

1, the side wall and stand, about one meter distance from the wall, hands holding a ball, squeezed to the wall, to keep his hands with shoulder high.

ball chest pushed step2

2, slow on both sides to bend the elbow, chest toward the ball near, heel to leave. After reached its lowest point, both hands hold up hard, until the arm unbend. Do 10 to 12 times.

chest expansion chest expansion

on his knees, hips on the ankle, fingers crossed, hands behind the head, keep your body straight, shoulders back recovery, feel the chest seems to widen. Keep three time breathing, then repeat the same action.

the palm of your hand to walk walk step1

palm 1 15 cm off the ground, his hands on a mat, keep your arms straight, hands in the right shoulder. The feet step by step backwards, until the body into a straight line, like push-ups starting position.

palm walk step2

2, raised his left hand, on the ground mat on the left side of the 15 to 25 centimeters, shifting to the left, then right hand moves to the right side of the left hand. And then back to the in situ, first the right palm back to the mat, then left. Next, the right hand moved to the mat on the right side, to the right principle.

note hips don't hog attention! Do 10 to 12 times, pay attention to the whole process should be to ensure that the hips don't hog.

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