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Rhythm fitness ball shape perfect figure

by:Bosket     2020-08-30
Core tip:

law of ball light and convenient, 3000 - every 45 minutes to consumption 6000 calories, enough to achieve weight loss. And it is easy to learn, whether at home or in the fitness room, available to exercise it rhythm ball.

action 1: lay kick

lie on your back on the ground, heel and calf on the ball, hands supporting the body side down, on hands and shoulders, hard to shoulder, back, side waist up as far as possible, the body in a straight line. Maintain this state, the right leg lift, tiptoe, insist on two breathing. Then switch legs, left and right leg alternately as a group, after completing a set of waist can be put down.

to complete 10 groups. Exercise side waist and hips.

action 2: sit-ups

hip and waist lay relaxed on the ball, his legs apart on the ground, focused on legs and hips, his hands. Inhale, driven by abdominal muscle strength will be the body up and stay 2 - 3 a breath, and then return to the starting position, exhale in the process.

10 - complete 15. To exercise the stomach muscles, because depend on the elastic ball, can achieve the result of model body better.

action 3: held the ball sideways

vertical legs together, left hand holding the ball on the left side, right hand straight up, driven by the power of the waist body tilted to the left, keep this action 2 - Three breath, and then back to the in situ, side waist 10 times in a row. Then under the ball to the right hand, the body leaning to the right. Side waist 10 times in a row. Such as a set of complete 2 - Three groups.

stretches the muscle of the side curve, make lumbar muscle on both sides of the line is more gentle and graceful.

4: action tablet support

the calves and shin on the ball, face down, the body stomach, your hands hold to, the body keep in a horizontal line. Keep 2 - don't fall down, waist Three breathing.

to complete 10 groups. This action looks be like simple, actually the part of the exercise much more special, arms, legs, waist and other parts were shaping.

action 5: prone to support

the ball is placed on chest and abdomen, face down, the stomach on the ball, both hands support on the ground, left foot tiptoe on the stand, right leg up extend back as far as possible, keep 2 - Three breathing. Then switch legs stretched. Left and right leg alternately as a group.

to complete 10 groups. Exercise the thigh and hip muscles, make hip not prolapse, line is more compact, slender legs.

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