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Reducing weight useful? Four yoga yoga movements fat burn detoxification _ to lose weight

by:Bosket     2020-08-31
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useful yoga to lose weight? In fact, the right yoga poses to lose weight, can quickly get proud flesh off fat burn can detoxification beauty, and see it together.

yoga reducing weight useful? Four yoga movements fat burn detoxification. < P> yoga has always been a very good way to thin body, the key is to keep practicing, yoga is different from other slimming aerobics the biggest lies in its unique detoxification effect, can effectively help you quickly burn fat, let isceral fat during exercise could be effective in burning, below small make up to introduce you to four groups basic yoga movements, help you burn fat fast. < / P> < P> yoga actions 1 to lose weight. Double Angle type < / P> < P> to stand, feet and shoulder are the same as wide, palm relative in vivo after fisting, inhale arms extended upward, exhale lean forward, until the head put in between my legs, your arms naturally fall to the ground, as far as possible let your arms parallel to the ground, 3 - repeated practice 5 times. < / P> < P> yoga movement 2 to lose weight. A half ship type < / P> < P> the legs together, double genu unbend, spine straight sitting on a mat. Took up arms, put his hands in the ear, palm forward, and try to open the shoulders, breathing normally. Exhale, leaned slightly after, at the same time, lift up your legs, knees straight. Let your feet toes and head in a plane. Your legs and body with ground form two Angle of 30 degrees. Hold for 20 seconds. < / P> < P> yoga movement 3 to lose weight. Tree type < / P> < P> stand, inhale lift his left knee, the left foot is as far as possible on the right thigh root. Open the hip, let his left knee to the left, and right leg in a plane. Crossing their hands, along the inhale and the body's center line and put forward too. As far as possible unbend arm, open the chest and shoulders, stable shoulder straps, stretch cervical vertebra. Exhale will be closed on navel, pay attention to the two hands don't separate. 5 - keep the posture After eight breath, change direction to practice. ( SSNN。 Net weight for men and women) < / P> < P> yoga movement 4 to lose weight. Triangle < / P> < P> to stand, open step right foot across to the right, slightly outward open toe, arms levelly obeying, palms down. Exhale, turned to the right hand finger. Exhale reverse palm forward again, to the left side of the bow at the same time, as far as possible to the ground, left hand don't bend your knees. Conveniently up his right hand, keep your arms on a straight line. Eyes always look to the right hand finger. Residence time of 10 seconds to 1 minute. < / P>
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