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One thin ball movement

by:Bosket     2020-08-27
Core tip:

ball with how old, can be the plait out a lot of different fitness movement, not only can let you in the gym can get rid of the traditional boring movement, also can achieve a good fitness effect, this is often said that happy fitness? Do you want to build a sexy small pretty waist, you can try ball fitness movement.

for the friend that regularly, ball often, although often see, but did you really use? If your answer is no, it's your own losses, but not late, today back and you might as well try it right now. < / P> < P> about the effect of ball has a lot of, such as in the above do sit-ups can protect the lumbar spine, also can sit on it to do some exercise, strengthening the body balance or do some simple aerobic exercise. 。 。 Small make up teach you today a very practical and effective fitness aerobic exercise. < / P> < P> moving the ball into the arch bridge < / P> < P> this is a comprehensive strong ball movement, the physical strength, flexibility, coordination, and muscular endurance have higher requirements. Movement and yoga posture movement in dance style is similar, this movement can be as a aerobic exercise, insist for a long time to practice, package you build sexy matchless small pretty waist. < / P> a recruit system thin ball action < P> action steps: < / P> < P> front ball on his chest with both hands, arms straight, straight ahead; Upper body active down, with his hands on the ball forward above, head lower than the arm, at the same time, the right leg unbend, using conveniently backwards on the top of the upper body to play, then the whole body is like a reverse arch bridge. After reduction, the legs directly to move forward, support legs, into the legs, cross each other in moving to practice. < / P> < P> note: < / P> < P> in the whole process of movements, requirements keep action fluency as far as possible, even if you will have a slight deformation; When a leg kick, supporting feet must be straight, toes to maintain the balance of the body on the ground. < / P> < P> action resolution: < / P> < P> 1, the entire action process, both hands straight ball all the time. This action can exercise the arm muscles and the shoulder muscles. < / P> < P> 2 and one leg kick back above, one leg support, not only can help to stretch the ligament of the body, still can exercise the power of the leg. < / P> < P> 3, the whole movement mainly is exercise the muscle in the waist, the strain of lumbar muscles or has a good physical therapy effect is lumbar discomfort. < / P> < P> editor's note: < / P> < P> today introduced the action is only one ball movement, there are a lot of fitness movement will share in the future, I hope friends continue to focus on fitness program. If you have any questions or Suggestions, welcome everybody to communicate in the comment area. < / P> < P>

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