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Often wear stiletto heel? Yoga to save tight calf _ to lose weight

by:Bosket     2020-08-27
Core tip:

often wearing a stiletto heel MM, crus Achilles tendon atrophy, also can let the ankle. Don't want us to give up high heels? In fact as long as three at the bottom of the practice of yoga moves, can save you more and more thick legs because of the high heels, hurry to try!

thin leg yoga save tight calf ( Figure) 。 < P> a thin leg yoga: heroic posture < / P> < P> watch TV, try heroic posture! Can help you to repair the arches, relax the muscles of the legs positive group. < / P> < P> : kneeling, knees together, legs wide apart with the pelvis, toes pointing is rear body, hip fell to the ground between his legs, the upper body upright, keep 3 ~ 5 minutes. < / P> < P> result: this position can be fully stretch ankle, knee, thigh is facial group, the lateral crus muscle group. In this process, the body too stiff people may feel pain, but it is the practice of modern women need the most. < / P> < P> in high heels for long-term foot deformity caused by, legs tired, hip or knee injury, varicose veins, and lower back pain have good effect. < / P> < P> in addition, this movement can also tighten the thigh, beautification crus lines. Beginners can through to flip the calf muscles and add a cushion to complete this pose. Let you gradually adapt to the sitting position, can try to lay back down and to increase the difficulty. < / P> < P> thin leg yoga 2: high tensile strength < / P> < P> give you tight calf to a comprehensive high strength tensile, half god monkey hanuman type and its deformation, already can deep relaxation of tension legs, also can be a very good shape crus lines. < / P> < P> : kneel lie, his hands and knees to support the ground, his left leg extension forward, heel contact with the ground, the toe forcibly back hook, slowly moving forward with your hands, and elongate the spine towards toe, the limit position for 1 minute, a sense of stretch crus muscle group. Body back, keep the left leg unbend, instep forward open and turn to the left, the outside touchdown, foot perpendicular to the surface, the arch to the right. Slowly move forward with your hands, and elongate the spine to tiptoe direction, in the limit position for 1 minute, a sense of stretch of the lateral crus muscle group. < / P> < P> result: this position can strongly calf stretches around all of the muscles, will gradually make spherical calf muscles into a long line of spindle, especially suitable for muscular physique, make the shape of lower leg and ankle exercises. < / P> < P> thin leg yoga three: on the leg type < / P> < P> two legs up, give your legs a detoxification Spa. < / P> < P> practice: flexor lie on your back, legs open the arm and shoulder are parallel. The left leg straight up, keep 1 minute, leg, ankle by tiptoe circle activities. Positive and negative two directions each 1 minute, then the actions in the right leg repeats. < / P> < P> if you're afraid tired can bypass the thigh stretch in the direction of the body with a towel to keep straight leg. At the completion of this action, knees must be straight, can't bend. < / P> < P> result: legs inverted postures can enhance blood circulation in the legs, produce the effect of detoxification, quickly relieve swelling in the legs and exhaustion. Crus muscle groups can pirouette deep massage, tightens the calf muscles, upward tiptoe down to stretch the calf muscles. This action can not only consolidate a period of practice of crus line shape, also can further eliminate edema caused by ankle bulky. < / P> < P> small make up recommend you, more than three yoga movements, adhere to exercise three times a week, can have graceful legs! < / P>
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