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Mountain yoga do ( Figure)

by:Bosket     2020-09-01

1, mountain yoga behavioral essentials:

is a body, on your knees, thighs tighten

error action a

the pelvis forward - arch the back

error action.


side place

1) Your feet together, big toes and foot inside, heel joint together as far as possible. With the big toe, little thumb toe and heel at 3 o 'clock evenly with pressure force to the ground.

2) Toes toward the front, ten evenly spread out. From the second and third toe the line in the middle of the middle to the ankle to determine the location of the ankle is correct. Ankle to middle and lower leg and knee towards the centre.

3) Knee lift, do not force locked back, avoid joint super stretch.

4) Thigh clamping force, the thigh muscle in four directions are aware on tightening.

5) Abdomen micro, micro ribs, coccygeal vertebra within a volume, pelvic flat back, no arch the back.

6) On your shoulders to the side, the chest and back at the same time expand outward. Shoulders relax down, away from the ear, shoulder blades outward expansion, lower edge to the middle.

7) On a shaft ears chin slightly closed, let the back of the neck extension. Feeling is parallel to the face and back of the head. Eyes straight ahead, maintain the natural curvature of the spine

8) Arm down the stretch, biceps in turn out forward, elbows forward. Arm of the side and back muscles contraction are aware. Fingers natural open and down, don't bend the wrist, no skin folds.

9) Look from the side of the body, the centerline of the ear, shoulder joint, the centerline of the pelvis and the heel on a straight line.

10) Feel the energy in the body of the front and the back of the same flow.

benefits: improving shape especially the shape of the spine, eliminate back pain, close your eyes exercises can strengthen the balance of the body.

taboo: low blood pressure, low blood sugar patients don't stay too long on the postures, otherwise easy to cause orthostatic hypotension.

sort: mountain type as the first standing postures, commonly can also as the transition of postures, cohesion, and have a rest. As a rest during practice, try to choose separate two feet wide pelvis, close your eyes to stand, easier to maintain balance, better able to relax.

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