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Micro health: 'baby yoga' controversial limit growth good

by:Bosket     2020-09-01

guide language: according to the website on February 26, the daily mail reported that the heroine named column in the video was picked up,, 51, PE teachers' qualifications, to engage in 'baby yoga' for 30 years. She said that this period of video recording is for Britain and around the world people to know more about the sport. But a lot of website banned the video, the reason is they worry about the contents violate the law about the protection of children.

baby will cry loudly during the training, some will vomit. Eph picked up one hand hold the baby's arm, to rotate around it. Eph picked up hope her method can quickly accepted by the family. , 51, who picked up in the baby yoga work for 30 years. Click to watch this video

coach, picked up once open baby yoga training course

some seen video of doubt, picked to play with 'at the palm between' is a doll, because those moves seem it is too dangerous for babies, but this claim was denied by her.

, picked up who has an open a 12-day baby yoga class, she sometimes one hand holding the baby its rotary swing arm, sometimes drag in the baby's arms to let them in the gravel walk.

baby some of signing up only a few months old. Them during the practice, will be crying loudly at first, some may even vomiting, but picked insisted that such a practice was safe, the baby will gradually learn to enjoy the process, the most important thing is that it is good for your baby's development. 'A lot of people think the baby can only lie on the bed, eat milk, crying, in fact the baby born with a natural reflex ability, it can help their mental and physical development, at present a lot of European countries enlightened parents adopted the approach of I recommend, I hope in the near future the method also can be accepted by the family. '

' baby yoga 'since the ancient times is to treat hypoplastic baby

' baby yoga for medicinal purposes since ancient times '

, picked up, according to the baby yoga from ancient African tribes originally, its purpose is to help those in the muscles and bones have some problems such as the baby, but she thinks it is also applicable to healthy children. 'This kind of practice can strengthen their muscles and limbs are stronger. We are all humanist, won't do the wrong thing. '

Russian media said that this shocking news' baby yoga 'had appeared in all countries. Eph picked wrote in a blog post, 'this way of education', won't make the Russian shocked, because it has 30 years history. Some Russian parents also think that this way of training can let the newborn strengthen the sense of independence. At present, the baby is 2 years old in the video, the video was shot by his father.

experts advise: children do yoga, must be carefully

children do yoga, must be carefully

professor na Thalia - Russian gymnastics movement Ashtar, she advises, children should not be engaged in sports like gymnastics before the full moon. In addition, the child psychologist jeana says, let children early to engage in sports like gymnastics, swimming, 'very stupid'. This early intervention system of children's growth, the baby would have a 'bad impression' on the surrounding environment, which will impact on the psychological development of the baby after.

however, many doctors warn that parents must be careful when choosing baby yoga, because this kind of severe abnormal action may lead to infant cerebral hemorrhage, retinal hemorrhage, and brain swelling, also known as 'shaken baby syndrome' ( SBS) 。

limit parenting case: limit parenting studies

the eagle dad: New Year's eve morning, one from nanjing, follow the four young children parents to travel to the United States, with its own unique way naked run in New York - the United States 13 ℃ in the blizzard to meet 2012 lunar New Year.

recently, this video is the child's family on the Internet, video, the father in the communication and after 30 minutes of warm up jogging, inside and outside the four-year-old boy took off his own clothing and only wear a bright yellow small shorts and sneakers, naked ran quickly into the New York flushing in street, on a day when the lowest temperature of outdoor - early in the morning 13 ℃, the street can hardly see a person, only he was in a good running in the morning eight inches of snow. Running lasts about five more minutes, in the beginning, little guy might be a little cold, while chasing the lens, on one side with a point KuQiang to 'hug' with dad, don't want to run away, soon the child's head is full of snow, but in the end still in his father's encouragement, bravely did pushups in the naked in the snow.

4 'naked brother' run quickly attracted people and focus on popular online, a few days click-through rates as high as more than 260000. In this extreme way of education, the Internet is buzzing, mixed reviews.

tiger mother: is Chinese professor Amy chua, Yale university in January 2011, she published a book called battle hymn of the tiger mother caused a sensation in the United States. The book introduces how she discipline in Chinese education way two daughters, she called her daughter garbage, requires every division to get A practice is bad, no TV, harp is not allowed to eat, etc. Tiger mother's education method to stir the American education, and lead to a big discussion about the method of education of China and the United States in the United States, now as time magazine's involvement in almost reached a climax.

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