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Lose weight with the TV on 11 recruit make you thin body after drama

by:Bosket     2020-08-27

takeaway: busy watching the show after show, so there is no time to go to the gym? This is not the reason why you not thin down oh, because you can watch TV while reduce weight! Brought 11 great editing method, let you lose weight while watching TV, easily lose down, together and see it!

every few minutes jump a rope

1, rope skipping, can put the TV time to maximize the effect reducing weight. You can jump every few minutes at a time ( A), until they feel a little tired Four consecutive can consume 120 calories.

2, AD time skanky, instead of sitting in front of the television stunned, than to go out to climb the stairs, five layer under five layer, you can consume 42 calories!

3, stand in front of the sofa, squat body until the bottom cushion, stay a minute. Burns 80 calories repeat four times.

lateral leg side lift

4, sideways lying on the floor or on the sofa, the lateral side leg lift, five minutes later you will get rid of the 50 calories. If you have the habit of lying on the sofa watching TV, might as well try this way!

5, arm guoquan ( Large arm rotation) Maintain a minute, repeat twice can consume 20 calories.

6, every time go to the toilet, there will always be missed a lot of plot, how to do? You run hurry bai! Ran to the toilet at sprint speed, then sprint running back again, can make you reduce the regret to miss the plot, and allows you to more than 30 calories!

hand weights

7, hand weights or two water bottles filled with water, after over the head, and down in a minute. This movement can not only make you burn calories, help you to shape the curve of the arms and shoulders, and watching TV for you don't have any interference.

8, sitting on a fitness ball, do a minute abs exercise, repeat four times you can consume 50 calories.

9, if you really don't want to do any action, then you only need to sit and watch TV on the ball, an hour can also burn 38 oh! Tensile leg ligament

10, lying on the sofa, back against the seat and turn the body, and put your leg on the back of a chair, and an Angle of 90 degrees to the waist. Body slowly to stick to the leg, let the leg ligament stretching. A complete advertising time you can consume 30 calories.

11, watching TV while standing lunges, burns 37 calories stay five minutes.

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