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How to lose weight reduce belly belly in the most effective in the subway

by:Bosket     2020-08-25

guide language: how reduce stomach to lose weight? Small make up teach you a good way to take the subway to reduce belly, as long as at the time of the subway, whether sitting in a chair, or standing, tighten the lower abdomen, anytime and anywhere can easily reduce the belly.

the subway this fixed a lift the movement time to time is perfect. Whether sitting in a chair, or standing motionless, are able to effectively use this crowded unpleasant time. Not waste to use the idea of commuting time, shape instead become a shortcut to the beautiful bodily form.


a lift, recommend sitting if there is a seat, please place your bag close to abdominal

chaos of the car, big leather bag very trouble, then might as well use a bag for sports training and an abs. Held the purse in the abdomen, abdominal inward contraction, then attached to bags in one hand press abdomen together, make abdomen is as close to the back, and then make an effort to keep tight state.

2, stood standing sports

can also exercise oh

1, the side with the hand pressed, alvine a retracted.

2, feel to back close to the abdomen.

the movement of the two, sit down and have a seat

to do

1, the use of back pressure on the back of the chair.

2 contracting inward, abdomen at the same time, with both pressure bag.

number: this action for 6 seconds, this is 1 set, 3 ~ 5 groups repeatedly.

get into the habit of daily: this movement of people even waist strength is not strong, also can easily. If you can form this habit, when sitting can effectively prevent low back pain.

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