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Five small thin leg movement legs not to spend money to build models

by:Bosket     2020-08-28

takeaway: thick legs MM people the Gospel! Also worry that can't wear short skirt? Thick legs can also through the efforts to change the day after tomorrow! 5 for thin leg movement for you today, as long as the MM people follow to practice, can thin out the model of the slender legs oh!

thin leg 5 rapidly build models by a beautiful leg

crouch on

one and a half, squatted on

1, in a spacious place, two feet apart, wide shoulders, toes outward ( Eight feet) , and knees over toes;

2, back straight, hold out a bosom, belly in;

3, maintain this pose, one step at a time, and try to expand your footsteps, then turned and walked back to your starting position;

4, complete through twenty steps, or until your feet acid.

crouch forward movement, the beneficial to exercise your inner thighs and buttocks, the leg muscles and coxal muscle more compact. Small make up recommend that you do this action, choose to compare the empty room, living room or office corridors, there are enough space to increase the distance forward, increasing the intensity of movement.

holding leg lifts the

2, holding up the leg

1, stand up straight, right hand holding the ball, the left hand lift straight and parallel to shoulder;

2, within the scope of the controllable, his right foot off the ground and to the right side of the body is raised, balance, accept stomach. Put down your leg, but the feet don't land. This action is similar to the next action - — The leg balance, but at the same time to maintain focus;

3, right leg do this ten times;

4, left hand holding the ball, repeat the above right leg movements.

10, 5, and each leg do exercise 2 times.

by this set of exercise, exercise we mainly in the legs and the balance of the center of gravity.

1, stand up straight leg balance, put his hand on the bench, or in the back of a chair, chair or table 3, leg balance edge;

2, to the right side of the body: lift up your right leg, foot straight. Put down the right leg, but not on the ground. To raise right leg on the other side;

3, balance, legs don't swing up and down;

4, repeat 25 times per side.

hope to increase the difficulty and improve the challenge of the MM, it is recommended that you do the following adjustments:

A, add A 10 pounds of weight on the lift the foot, foot strength;

B, pull you to maintain a balance of the bench or chair, or a sense of balance is very good you can do not need their help.

proud flesh wants to eliminate the thigh inner side and outside of the MM, more in order to strengthen the practice of the action, can make your legs more slender and more compact! Even if put on bikini hot pants, can also be natural and unrestrained confident strides to go shopping, not because of leg muscle relaxation shaking and cause embarrassment.

ball four, ball

1, place a board on the ground, the palm of your hand flat on the board, facing the floor. Will hold up body, legs on the ball. Bend your arms, belly in make your back arch;

2, body balance, raise right leg about 50 cm high. Right leg natural to put down, don't come into contact with the ball to again raise right leg;

do 10-3, each leg 15.

round ball can improve the difficulty of balancing the leg, the training center of gravity balance. Training, the muscles loose one chi, accelerate fat, more can quickly thin leg. At the same time, the arm through for the support of the body, make originally bye the relaxation of meat.

squat lifting leg five, squat lifting leg

1, stand up straight, back against the ball against the wall;

2, and stretched out arm, and select a contact point, straight forward;

3, stretch the right leg forward and up to a horizontal position, as far as possible parallel to the ground;

4, left leg knees slightly bent, heel and toe off the ground. If we can raise the toes, causes the instep and crus form a right Angle, your ham and coxal muscle exercise effect will be better! Slow down, into a sitting position. Supported by ball, lift the left leg up and down slowly squat down;

5, slowly back to the standing position.

6, each leg to do 10, practice three times.

squats leg lifts a series of actions, strengthen exercise ham and hip muscles, make ham and hip line is more smooth. This movement can quickly shed excess fat thighs, make hip curve more obvious. Attention should be paid to the pear-shaped body MM oh!

thin leg five tunes, feel whole body muscle cow hemp? Suggest you, after every action, shaking the muscles properly. Maybe at that time, you have not feel pain, but, the day has just begun to strengthen the training of the MM up will feel.

therefore, after the movement, needs a relaxing space. Appropriate buffer, will be more conducive to the next exercise, exercise more abiding. Otherwise, exercise may be in vain, and no less proud flesh thick legs after exercise, it may become thick.

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