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Five big outdoor fitness equipment type function is introduced

by:Bosket     2020-09-01
National fitness craze driven more and more people to go out outside, to join the army of fitness exercise. All kinds of outdoor fitness equipment more and more appear in people's life. Outdoor fitness equipment, also known as the outdoor fitness equipment, community fitness equipment, outdoor path. Especially in fixed installation, outdoor fitness exercise equipment and facilities for people. The current outdoor fitness equipment in general can be divided into several types? Various types of equipment each have what effect? This paper will answer on this issue.   Power equipment & have spent Some exercise power devices are comparable to those obtained with the gym equipment. In addition, the horizontal bar two pull-ups, the parallel bars is an excellent way to practice power arm flexion and extension. Weight lifting trainers HD 13101  Bouncing type equipment & have spent Erect the height of the brand, horizontal beam is a help to the legs bounce instrument. On the equipment adopts the approach or in situ jump, will help to keep the legs bounce ability.   Sensitive type equipment & have spent Foot quincuncial piles, hands turn the turntable, can practice the hands and feet, response ability and limbs of the mind and the coordinated ability of the brain. Taiji tuishou HD 12304  Flexible equipment & have spent Leg press frame or stand in rows of the rail ( Or ribs) Lift a leg pull ligament or trailer, can improve the flexibility of joints.   Endurance equipment & have spent Is similar to the treadmill, you could run a run on it, was largely running. Outdoor fitness equipment, of course, there are a lot of USES, the classification is not absolute. According to their own physical condition, the combination is more appropriate.
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