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Fitness Should Develop these Four Habits

Fitness Should Develop these Four Habits


Aug. 30, 2019

As a Fitness Soft Medicine Balls Factory, we believe that fitness should develop the following four habits.

1. Every time you train, write down on the calendar

You must practice at least 3 times a week, even if you are 20 minutes. This is not only the training of the body but also your determination to be strong and will not give up fitness easily. After each training, it will be recorded on the schedule. If you can train three times or more a week, this is a very good way to self-supervise!

2. Take a photo with your mobile phone before eating.

It is easy for people to miscalculate their food intake, so whether you are gaining muscle or losing weight, you should take every meal, even mobile snacks, and then you can objectively check how you eat.

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3. When the group is resting, do not rest your head.

Many people play mobile phones after completing a set of training. In fact, at this time, you should review the actions you just completed. Which muscles are most sensational, joints have no discomfort, continue this movement in the mind, let the body prepare for the next group of training?

4. Plan 6-8 fitness exercises before each workout.

This is especially important for friends who are working out during off-hours. It is important to know that after the New Year, the gym is likely to have a small climax, which means that people are overcrowded. If you don’t plan your training, you may have to wait 2 hours in the gym to complete training.

If you have 6-8 actions in your heart, you can quickly decide what actions you can choose from the high dropdown, reduce unnecessary waiting time, and affect fitness.

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