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Fitness Experience Sharing

Fitness Experience Sharing


Aug. 03, 2019

As a Yoga Ball Manufacturer, let's share some of your fitness experiences.

1. About 12 weeks after starting fitness, you will obviously feel your own changes. However, during these 12 weeks, your strength and endurance have improved significantly.

2. Exercises of about 45 minutes a week can reduce signs of cell aging.

3. The amount of muscle loss after 30 years of age for people who are not actively involved in exercise is about 3%-5% per decade.

4. Regular physical exercise can enhance our appetite because as the basal metabolism increases, we will consume more energy in peacetime.

5. Walking for fifteen minutes or four miles consumes as much heat as jogging.

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6. Studies have shown that the fat-burning effect of intermittent training such as walking/jogging alternating exercise is very obvious.

7. There are more than 650 muscles in the human body.

8. Exercise is a special medicine for short-term anxiety symptoms.

9. Before the age of 65, the muscle strength of those who do not regularly participate in physical exercise will drop by 80%.

10. When you are 50 years old, you have walked about 75,000 miles.

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