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Fast thin abdomen 1 minute yoga actions ( Figure)

by:Bosket     2020-09-04
Core tip:

can do some sit-ups in a minute? Why do but also not thin down? Thin abdomen below professional coaches teach science do yoga movements, keep practicing, combined with 3 - once a week 4 times of aerobic exercise, quickly make flat belly is not a problem.

practice one: static stomach forearm support - — Tighten abdominal muscles

practice 2: mat half belly in - — Tighten the rectus

practice 3: lie legs - — Tighten the rectus, transverse abdominal muscle,

coach warm prompt:

tip: breathing movement process, the state ( State) Exhale, back force inspiratory when state.

abdominal breathing, abdominal breathing, helps to tighten the transverse abdominal muscle. It is: the main points of the meditation, breathing chest don't open, through abdominal cavity suction, breathe in feel abdominal inward and upward, to breathe in a deep breath.

action tip: now forget you create 1 minute sit-ups at secondary school records. Any effective practice, a study of muscles request fully mobilize muscles in the process of action, action is too difficult to understand the feeling of muscle.

frequency 1:3 know? Strength in practice, the process of hard can only have the effect of 20% ~ 30%, and the force of the process can have the effect of 60% ~ 70%. So in practice we also usually according to the proportion of 1:3. Try to in the process of an action to do this - — Push up the '1' - — Back down '2', '3', '4'.

one and a half hours after the meal is the best time to abdominal training, if you have to lose weight, for the purpose of practice over an hour before eating. 2 hours before sleeping is best not to add too much food. If you like to have abdominal muscle, practice after the best supplement enough protein and carbohydrates.

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