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Explosion-proof ball

by:Bosket     2020-08-26

【 Purpose 】 Fitness ball is a kind of entertaining strong setting-up exercise, change is big, heavy, but not very intense, it is a kind of movement, the combination of dynamic and static effect reducing weight is better. Compared with other sports, the ball has a strong interest, graceful and abound change, with soothing music, like the ball in play together.

    When using the fitness ball exercise safer, not prone to damage, in the movement of the human body heart rate keep in 115 - 135 times per second, between the human body will not feel asthma or discomfort, even if is not suitable for strength training of older, physique weaker people can be used.

use the ball movement, can improve flexibility, strength, balance function, adjust the attitude, cardiopulmonary function, and the quantity of heat that use up to 3 - every 45 minutes 6000 calories! At the same time, the ball movement can be more stretch, strength training and flexibility training supplement each other, to maintain health and vitality of the body.

don't exercise, you can take it when the ball chair to sit. When not in use for a long time, can the ball will be frustrated, discouraged, small size, convenient collection.

【 Suits the crowd. Suitable for all people, especially for balance training athletes, growing children, body building sports enthusiasts, to worry about redundant and adipose, and need to rehabilitation.

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