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Exercise Essentials for Yoga Balls

Exercise Essentials for Yoga Balls


The correct breathing method allows you to make greater use of the oxygen contained in the air, which is indispensable for the sculpture. The practice is: inhale deeply with the nose, make the lungs expand as much as possible, and slowly exhale with the nose during the process of lifting the legs. Repeatedly, the rhythm of breathing should be as even and smooth as possible.

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Fitness Balls workout essentials

1. Sit on the ground with the buttocks as the contact surface, and spread your hands back to the back with a 35-degree angle. Put the whole body's center of gravity on the back, one leg before the sole of the foot to the ground, the other leg straight, use the outer instep to do the ball movement, alternately practice 10 to 15 times.

2. This inspiration comes from the movements of rhythmic gymnastics, which is very rhythmic and pleasing to the eye.

3. To achieve the effect of exercise, we must pay attention to tightening the instep, the whole leg in a straight line, in order to make the legs in motion a straight line, in order to fully stretch the legs in motion.

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