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Double yoga make sex to the next level _ fitness

by:Bosket     2020-09-01

core clew: yoga, have a heart yoga, action, etc. , if the husband and wife when having sex, with yoga movements not only can promote love, two people can play a good role of fitness.

close your eyes and in the soothing music, know how to control their own body. If during sex, you also can do this, you can wake up the body's ability to feel sex, experience more and more wonderful sexual pleasure. World famous private coach Martin fee, points out that the practice of yoga can make your body flexible enough and have enough power, and sex of the other party to better fit! < / P> < P> in the birthplace of yoga in India, the annual national sex survey report shows that most of the indians will be applied to yoga movements in sexual life. And some yoga practice, such as Angle of beam type ( Double foot arch relatively, bend your knees, hands feet heel closer to the thigh root) And legs forward bends type ( Two legs apart as far as possible, body bent forward, his hands stretched as far as possible) , can enhance the hips and pelvis in the circulation of the blood. Yoga, there were some exercise perineal movements, such as breathe in or out, held his breath, contraction and perineal anus gently. < / P> < P> yoga master, points out that it's a lot like sex science only sex movement - is written into textbooks - Anus movement, through repeated contraction, relax the muscles of the perineum, anus part, to exercise the toe, the purpose of the coccyx muscle 'sex', to improve the female vaginal relaxation, increase the male erectile time, can play a role. < / P> < P> abdominal breathing exercises of yoga, let people learn how to breathe in a deep and slow way slowly, this kind of quiet and smooth can have the effect of promoting concentration, let a person get rid of sexual life of tension, be agitated feeling, to realize the climax of sex play a big help. < / P>

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