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Ball what are the benefits for the elderly three benefits to know

by:Bosket     2020-09-06
Ball is a kind of health care appliance and popular in our country, there are many kinds of, its material may be copper, steel, can also be a stone. Have experts point out that the elderly play ball is beneficial to health of body and mind. Let below small make up to introduce ball what are the benefits for the elderly. Benefits


the second and third metacarpal ball can stimulate the palm, is beneficial to adjust the function of central nervous, also can have the effect of sedation, off-dry, brain puzzle, thus improve their physiological functions of the zang-fu organs, play 'the famous' physiological effect, good health. Benefits


hand movements is helpful for brain health, it is indisputable fact. And play ball, can let the old thoughts focused on hand, eliminate all kinds of distractions and eliminate tension, allow the brain to relax. Rules when playing ball spin a soft sound, very sweet, it makes the brain nerve excitement and inhibition to get an appropriate balance.

and the movement of the hand can make brain blood supply is adequate, all elderly people often play ball can effectively care the brain, slow the aging of the brain, also can avoid the occurrence of alzheimer's disease. Three benefits

ball can make the fingers, palms, flexible wrist bent extend, promote upper limb muscle movement, wrists, elbows, etc, to prevent and correct the old degenerative diseases caused by upper limb numbness symptoms such as weakness, shivering, grip strength loss.

warm prompt: old people can play with the ball in their daily lives, can walk, can also in watching TV. So that you can inadvertently have significant health care function, let the body moment in a state of health.
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