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Ball exercises to gradual beginners should choose soft ball

by:Bosket     2020-09-05
Core tip:

global ball, in the gym, yoga and pilates exercise that will can see the figure of it. In recent years, the Swiss ball also entered the sports teams, rehabilitation center.

people recognize that combines fitness ( Learning is called Swiss ball) Training, effective treatment of low back pain, strain of lumbar muscles, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow and other joints of the pain. At the same time, it can exercise the spine and pelvis some long-term inactive posture muscle, helps the body shape.

due to low cost, cover an area of small, ball can practice at home. Some fitness enthusiasts even put it in the office, office and sit on it. Because of the need to maintain balance in the sphere of rock, people unknowingly exercise the waist and back muscle strength, fitness is work.

ball exercise looks be like simple, actually change a lot, in order to achieve different effects. Selection and use of the ball must pay attention to the following problems:

1. According to height and lower limb length to choose suits own ball. When the choose and buy the ball, try to sit on, thighs should be parallel to the ground, especially the hips don't below the knee.

2。 Beginners, larger weight and balance ability is not very good, should choose soft ball. The ball and body contact area is larger, can increase the stability.

3。 If exercise limited space, or just for the office, bedroom bed and other relatively narrow scope, can not consider the degree of hard and soft sphere.

4。 Fitness exercises to step by step. The Swiss ball can be placed in narrow space, such as against the wall, or on the bed, in order to reduce the roll. Practice from simple seat start, and gradually upgrade to supine or prone position, with lower back or abdominal pressure on the ball, do other actions.

with the augmentation of the balance, and then to spacious training field practice. Action also escalating, if changes from the feet to support the single foot support, coupled with a variety of gymnastics movements, according to the dumbbell exercise of limbs and even sports. With the increase of difficulty, physical strength and balance ability has been fully exercise.

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