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At the beginning of the holiday off fat have nod off with the help of yoga to lose weight

by:Bosket     2020-09-04
Core tip:

over the Spring Festival, a lot of fat? Great year to work, not in the state, but also special nod off? It doesn't matter, with the help of yoga to lose weight, weight loss, and fatigue stress, to learn this yoga to lose weight quickly action.


1/2 before sitting in a chair, legs open to the limit, toes out, thigh calf is 90 °, feel inner thigh muscle stretching, his hands open and shoulder are the same as high, about palm facing down.


inspiratory, left hand to the left, keep forward body, head to look on the left, as if someone is pulling the general, extends to the limit.


left elbow put left knee exhaling, left palm up, straight up, breathe in slowly to the right hand to the right ear right palm toward left, extend the right side of the body.


suction on the right side of the chest to flip, the eyes to the sky, right palm toward left, still stay 5 breath.


the power of using the right hand down the body back to 1, the other repeat the whole as a set, can do 5 ~ 8 groups.

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