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All kinds of material of the ball material use difference

by:Bosket     2020-08-26
Ball of material using the difference:

ball: iron rust, jade price is too high, the stone grade is low, and the above three are cold, feel is not good. The annatto is the best, only the natural wood texture wen run, daily play with the hand have lingering fragrance, taste and taste.

to teach you the wooden ball maintenance:

when the ball surface loses its luster after use cotton polishing line, brush and the process of wood scent flavor. For the formation of wrapped slurry, the with the light is more valuable. Annatto qingxiang pleasant ball itself, changes the colour and lustre of of primitive simplicity, extremely playability! Mahogany wood ball, warm moderate, fitness zengzhi, left a lingering fragrance, can play can send, fable! Fine quality ball, play turn things around in the palm, not playing ball, and the way of Yin and Yang; Gifts of tai chi ball, send is the scent of log, send is the cultural heritage in five thousand! The root of Chinese culture, is in the Yin and Yang of all.

ball culture:

1: the ball is one of the famous traditional Chinese medicine of fitness equipment. Originated in the song dynasty, is a solid iron ball at first, both fitness and self-defense. Now for the development of children's entertainment, youth fitness, elderly longevity and so on a variety of purposes.
2: ball has spirit, strong bones and muscles of the fitness function, according to the theory of channels and collaterals, the palm side there are three main and collateral channels. Ball in hand, for these meridians meridians have good stimulation, can dredge meridians, adjust qi and blood, restore plant nerve function, relieve mental fatigue, prolong life.
3: through the movement of the fingers, to dredge meridians, to reconcile blood, relaxes the muscles JianGu, invigorate the circulation of qing god and the prevention and treatment of high blood pressure and deal with the health, relieve the mouse hand. And exercise can also brain zengzhi, enhance memory, eliminate fatigue, refreshing, is to keep fit for young and old, happy heart health, or of for present the friends and relatives.
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