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A type of yoga to lose weight thin waist and thin legs, Figure) _ to lose weight

by:Bosket     2020-09-01
Core tip:

thick waist, thick legs always give a person very bloated feeling, looks no curve, 39 MM lose weight the editors recommend pear-shaped figure below practice this thin waist thin leg leg weight-loss yoga movements, help your waist leg sculpture, reveal sexy figure.

side bended leg slimming yoga thin waist and thin legs

Step1 stomach, belly landing on both feet together and his legs stretched out on the floor, his arms straight points to sides, palms down, chin on the floor, straighten out the body, natural breathing 15 times.

Step2 left arm unbend and point to the left, right arm is raised in the upper back, bent his right foot, right hand holding the right foot heel to hip, stretch the body.

Step3 right arm slowly raised his right leg off the ground hard, try our best to the right leg, last 15 SEC.

Step4 body, on the left side of the body on the ground, on the right side of the body carries from the floor and on to the left, open the shoulders, extends to the rear and right foot on the floor.

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