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6 type thin abdomen is held out the proud flesh SHOW two weeks out flat abdomen reduce weight thin abdomen movement

by:Bosket     2020-08-27

guide language: a lot of pretty girls who don't know how to reduce belly proud flesh are troubles, has been seeking how to quickly reduce the belly, the most effective way to reduce the belly. Today, small make up to bring 6 type thin abdominal operation, teach you how to reduce belly, two weeks to eliminate alvine proud flesh, immediately show flat sexy stomach!

the summer coming, grew up little stomach really affects much more, wear tights, swimsuit all good ugly, really upset. But the belly proud flesh good hateful, even all spells, seem to do it, good depressed. Saw on TV the belle stars people flat stomach, really envy envy, look at your belly fat, only be abandon. If you also have such worry, so this small make up carefully to thin abdominal exercise can help you. As long as insist to take exercise, according to the following method can have two weeks is the envy of everyone flat belly!

thin thin abdomen is held the first type (operation type 1:

slowly sit on the floor, beat back straight, legs, knees bent, feet flat on the floor, his hand gently hold back thigh.

small make up tips: this movement can let everybody effectively relax breathing, to breathe with organically fuses in together, achieve the unity of body and mind. Development is of great help for the follow-up actions.

thin thin abdomen is held the second type abdominal operation type 2:

inhale, slowly to tiptoe stand up gently, lower back and keep upright spine extension, center of gravity moving back slightly.

small make up tips: this movement can lock the abdominal muscles, and at the same time increase the intensity of the legs, slowly toward the lower abdomen place pressure will force, so as to achieve the aim of reducing belly.

thin thin abdomen is held the third type abdominal operation type 3:

slowly exhale, to hit the left knee straight, toes up, feeling back thigh muscles tensed, stay for 3 ~ 5 breath of time.

small make up tips: this action will leg muscles to contract, power concentrated in the abdomen, effectively increase the exercise intensity. At the same time also has certain thin leg effect.

thin abdominal operation type 4
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