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2 sets of yoga movements quickly thin waist and abdomen ( Figure)

by:Bosket     2020-08-28
Core tip:

edit below introduce two sets of special thin waist and abdomen yoga movements, targeted, easy to learn, to take action.

basic posture chest cross

chest cross posture is the foundation of the following actions. In the head at the bottom of the sunken place, Sternoclavicular joints) To the middle of the chest nest point on a cross, stretches out his hands to let the body as a cross, pay attention to before and after the balance not tilt.

the focus of the cross position is where the pressure down will feel a little pain. Daily if can often pay attention to this position, you can adjust the skew of the body, create a thin body. In addition, the 'chest cross runway' is not just a matter of a few times. But always aware of the existence of the cross chest, this is the most important thing.

a, chest cross movement ( Thin waist series)

: correct skew, reduce fat cells!

correct skew is the first step in all steps of the body.

arm outstretched, is at the same time the back muscles are stretched. Then stable cross, let the knee and ankle in a straight line, so you can correct bone was smashed.

the first is a minute, then slowly will be longer.

a little feet apart, twist the body while exhaling. Both hands to keep level. Twist to the limit after palms up, breathe in for 4 seconds, and then breath for 4 seconds.

2, reverse & amp; Breathing ( Thin waist and abdomen series)

in fat cells, which has two kinds of white cells and brown. White cells in the body, the excess energy as a neutral fat stores, in the hips, abdomen and the thigh is the most common. Brown cells located in the place such as oracle, armpit of head, shoulder, it turns white fat cells store down into energy, which is the so-called 'thin' cells. Brown cells on vulnerable to stimulate the part of the chest cross runway, so as long as the arm outstretched, adopt cross chest posture, can obtain good results.

start from basic cross position of chest. Be careful not to make breast cross swing, then slowly lift one foot, a 90 - degree bend, keep your thighs level, and then about exchange.

don't always increase the number, but slowly, and maintain the correct posture, always pay attention to the breast cross is the most important thing.

hands in horizontal position after 1 minute, straight upward, foot also want to change. This time, the hands and feet are in a straight line. Hand to level up, once every 1 minute exchange.

palm down, exhale, twisting, do 8 seconds. This time don't pay attention to head bobbing up and down.

the opposite side in the same way, too. Don't stop breathing, is a little slowly expiratory tips.

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