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2 sets of torsion daily yoga to lose weight thin belly (5 minutes Figure)

by:Bosket     2020-08-28
Core tip:

a lot of people are not very satisfied of your abdomen, as we age, the body metabolism slow, poor, if you can't let the lower abdomen to eat less or flat. You can do some reverse yoga to lose weight, make easy for abdominal massage, eliminate. In addition, still can stimulate peristalsis of intestines and stomach, make the defecation function of the digestive system is normal, people with back pain can also borrow from action to improve the problem, make the body more beautiful. So, from now on, no matter sitting, lying down or standing up, turn your body together.

does improve symptoms: the lower abdomen fat and proud flesh soft belly lie prone to lie prone

when moving parts:

is: abdomen, thighs, lateral

back: arm medial, lateral lumbar

sitting POSE ship type

exercise the waist/enhance back muscle power

1, posture, tiptoe touch to

sat on the mat, legs bend your knees, on tiptoe gently on the ground, hands on hips, behind the upper body straight and as far as possible to maintain a straight line, his eyes looking straight ahead.

Point don't shrink up to his neck, and maintained steady and relaxed.

time: 3 ~ 5 breath

2, steady feet up

slowly to the soles of your feet off the ground, don't lift hand, feel abdominal muscle, to maintain stability of the body, feet legs can be improved, both hands then slowly loosen on crus two side, stay for 3 ~ 5 without absorption, pay attention to body don't shake.

don't hump Point the waist straight, hands close to the ground, become the supporting strength of the body.

you can also do so.

coccyx is larger or more thin, when practicing the pads thick towel under the buttocks, to avoid discomfort, vertebrae and ground friction when the action is not difficult, to increase the completion of action of degrees.

sitting POSE one foot reverse

softening abdominal visceral muscle/massage stomach

1, posture, the right hand hold left leg

sat on the mat, right leg straight forward, bends and depend on right knee medial left foot, right hand hold his left knee, left hand support behind the buttocks, the line of sight to look forward.

Point the body upright, not kyphosis.

time: 3 ~ 5 breath

2, body left

upper body straight to the left rear torsion, the line of sight to look at the rear, on both sides confirm sciatic power average sat on the mat and slowly lifted his left hand toward the sky, stay after 3 ~ 5 breath, and in practice.

Point left hand straight up as far as possible, let the body more stretching.

this can have more stretch.

some when reverse feel waist or back special ache, belongs to the normal phenomenon, because the average person is commonly used when working with muscles, you can use both hands to unbend above, strengthen abdominal torsional strength, make muscles have different direction of activities, balance coordination.


if there is no strength will appear hunchback or abdominal shrug, bear in mind that the abdomen to hard, the body upright, can really relax back muscles and spinal cord.

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